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Psst, hey, yeah you! I, uhm, have an invitation for you. Well, here it is, are you ready, I want you to… be a bridge. Yes, I am asking you to get walked on. Yup, that’s my request. I know right?! My hope is that you will be more inspired to assist people in getting to their NEXT, than you are in getting credit for assisting them to achieve it. Get walked on my friend. That’s THE reason I launched this website ( More personally, this site is to honor the people who were “bridges” in my life, or who created “crossings” for me to get to my NEXT. Jesus Christ the ONE who said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” is my eternal bridge maker. I feel a need to honor each person that has created a “crossing” during my journey. For these reasons, even though it means getting walked on, I hold on with dear life to being a bridge in the life of others while encouraging people to be bridges themselves.

Bridges are people who get walked on without notice, and without charging a fee (those people are Toll Bridges).  😂 I’m just saying.  Yes,  you will be taken advantage of, you will go unmentioned. Often, people will never even realize that you were a bridge in their life.  That’s because bridges have one concern, getting others to the other side! 

Bridges allow for and promote fluid community. They provide the access for transportation where a chasm hindered access before. Bridges, although they are essential to a city, they regularly go unnoticed. Yet the destination would not be likely, or for some situations, even possible without them.

I want this site to create the connecting interaction of people with ideas. For ideas are transcendent! Ideas allow us to bridge today’s reality with tomorrow’s dreams. The dreamer in me hopes to inspire a MOVEMENT toward spiritual formation. I dream about connecting communities to the other that is our one another. I see a multiplication effect as we grow. With each “crossing”, we improve our ability for the next “crossing” while improving our overall journey’s experience. In the process, I hope to grow with you as we cross from bridge to bridge together.

Simplistically, the heart behind this is not only to be and build bridges, but to navigate which ones to travel and to discern which ones to avoid.  David Russell once said, “The hardest thing in life to learn is which bridge to cross and which bridge to burn.”  Both being bridges, and crossing bridges, require divine discernment.

Thus my purest hope is that the sharing of thoughts will create concept crossings by:

  • Confronting our concepts of people;
  • Confronting people with concepts;
  • Connecting people with ideas and;
  • Connecting ideas with people.

Ultimately, I desire to be a bridge, and to be a bridge builder while heeding the prior shared warning from David Russell. This means I’m concerned with the personal growth of each one of us, which for me, growth is ALWAYS spiritual. I believe we are wise to monitor our life goals and achievements, for they can be proofs that we have crossed over, or places where we crossed under. Achievements can be benchmarks of our personal/spiritual growth, or unwanted proofs of our demise.

The sad truth is, we often exist away from the promise, the place/experience God was directing us toward.  So our journeys are often absent of this fulfillment.  We tend to tread troubled waters on our way.  We exist somewhere below the full life.  Our God calls us to more.  Jesus, the bridge over troubled waters, lifts us up and connects us to God.  In Him is the abundant life, the full life.  He is the bridge to everything that isn’t temporary.  My hope is for all to live to the full, according to the promises.   “By which he has granted to us his precious and very great promises, so that through them you may become partakers of the divine nature” (2 Peter 1:4).  One step at a time, or maybe, one bridge at a time, we can all have the abundant life.  We can get there.    Thus my own hearts battle cry, “for the love of God Rudy, be a bridge.”

Here are 3 ways to interact with this site;

  1. Share stories of people who you know are bridge builders by clicking on “BRIDGE BUILDERS” on the menu bar.
  2. Read blogs by scrolling down and clicking on your BLOG of choice under the “RECENT POSTS” heading or by clicking “ARCHIVES” on the menu bar..
  3. Follow “Be A Bridge” by scrolling down to the bottom of this page, entering your email address and  pressing “follow.”

Let us use every opportunity in this life to be bridges, and to navigate the divine crossings in our paths. What say you?! Will you be a BRIDGE?

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