About Rudy

Rudy Peng Photography Pic

Rudy was born in Los Angeles and was raised in Compton CA (yep the other Hollywood). He now lives in Westchester CA. with his lovely, oops, sorry for understating, his fine wife Osharye. They have 7 crazy kids (count em), eight grandkids (keep counting) & they teach them what life is all about.

This guy is passionate about unity in the body of Christ, discipleship, and bridging concepts and people.  As such, he is an active member of the Racial Unity Leadership Summit (RULS) and a member of the Steering Committee for O.N.E. Westchester/Playa.  He also serves as President of the Board of Directors for a Homeless Center as well as serves on the Board of Directors for Reunion Church.  

Rudy has over 20 years of experience in the social work fields where he developed a passion for helping people to help themselves. Although his favorite sport is baseball, he received a basketball scholarship to Florida A&M University.  His favorite food changes every week and he’s read over 70 Star Wars books. I think that makes him a Jedi.

He now serves as the Lead Pastor at University Christian Church.  He has 2 degrees from Hope International University (HIU) and another from Southwestern Christian College (SwCC).  He has assisted in planting two churches, Pneuwineskins (a house church), and Metropolitan Church of Christ (where he served for 7 years as an Associate Pastor).  Rudy has also served at Shepherd Church, Discovery Church and New Vintage Church. 

Rudy’s favorite quote is “Every man who stands to proclaim the Word should speak with something of the bold authority of the Word itself.” ~ A.W. Tozer

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