Be A Bridge

Before you read the actual blog, I wanted you to know the why.  A bridge allows for continued interaction and for transportation to where we couldn’t have gone before.  I’m creating this bridge (blog) to allow the interaction of people with ideas, for ideas allow us to bridge today’s reality with tomorrow’s dreams.  This blog intends to galvanize transportation  toward spiritual formation, impactful community and personal progress.

David Russell once said, “The hardest thing in life to learn is which bridge to cross and which bridge to burn.”  This blog is all about bridge crossing and the wisdom of knowing when not to cross.  “My hope is that my thoughts will create concept bridges for growth by:

  • Confronting our concepts of people;
  • Confronting people with concepts;
  • Connecting people with ideas;
  • Connecting ideas with people.

I am a bridge as well as a bridge builder.  This means I’m “uber” concerned with personal growth and to a lesser degree concerned with life goals and achievements.  I believe as we grow as human beings we improve our ability to achieve life goals and we improve our overall experience while attaining these goals.

Jesus, the bridge over troubled waters, lifts us up and connects us to God.  In Him is the abundant life, the full life.  My hope is for all to live to the full, according to the promise.   One step at a time, or one bridge at a time, we can get there.  Sadly, we often exist away from the promise, in the troubled waters, and below the full life.  God calls us to more.  Thus my own hearts battle cry, “for the love of God Rudy, be a bridge.”

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