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Golden Gate


Before you read any actual blogs or interact with the page.  I wanted you to know the why.  This is to honor the people who were “bridges” in my life.  I want to hold on to being a bridge in the life of someone else.  I want to highlight those who are bridges, those who get walked on without notice, and without even charging a fee.  😂 I’m just saying.  Yes, bridges get walked on, and can go unmentioned.  Bridges only have one concern, getting to the other side! 

Bridges allow for, no, promote fluid interaction. They  provide the access for transportation where a chasm was once before.  Bridges are often unnoticed.  Yet the destination would not be possible without them.  I’m creating this blog to allow the interaction of people with ideas.  Ideas allow us to bridge today’s reality with tomorrow’s dreams.  The hopeless dreamer in me intends to galvanize movement  toward spiritual formation.  I dream about connecting communities to the other that is our one another.   Finally, I intend  to grow myself as I cross from bridge to bridge.

David Russell once said, “The hardest thing in life to learn is which bridge to cross and which bridge to burn.”  The heart behind this is not only to build bridges, but to navigate which bridges to cross and to discern which bridges to burn.  My purest hope is that the sharing of thoughts will create “concept bridges” by:

  • Confronting our concepts of people;
  • Confronting people with concepts;
  • Connecting people with ideas and;
  • Connecting ideas with people.

I am both a bridge and a bridge builder.  This means I’m concerned with personal growth, which for me is spiritual growth.   I am concerned with life goals and achievements for they can be benchmarks of personal/spiritual growth.  I believe as we grow as human beings, we improve our ability to achieve goals while improving our overall experience on the way.

Sadly, we often exist away from the promise.  We often live in troubled waters.  We exist somewhere below the full life.  God calls us to more.  Jesus, the bridge over troubled waters, lifts us up and connects us to God.  In Him is the abundant life, the full life.  He is the bridge to everything that isn’t temporary.  My hope is for all to live to the full, according to the promises.   One step at a time, or maybe, one bridge at a time, we can all have the abundant life.  We can get there.    Thus my own hearts battle cry, “for the love of God Rudy, be a bridge.”

So, here are 3 ways to interact with this page;

  1. Share stories of people who you know are bridge builders by clicking on “BRIDGE BUILDERS” on the menu bar.
  2. Read blogs by scrolling down and clicking on your BLOG of choice under the “RECENT POSTS” heading or by clicking “ARCHIVES” on the menu bar..
  3. Follow blog by scrolling down to the bottom of this page, entering your email address and  pressing “follow.”

Resolutely, let me use every opportunity in this life to be a bridge.  What say you?

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