About Rudy

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Rudy was born in Los Angeles but his family is from Alabama.  So, he considers himself a west coast guy with a down south flair, or in his words, he’s “West Coast Alabama!”  He and his lovely, oops, sorry for understating this, his “fine wife” Osharye, again as he would word it, have 7 crazy kids (count ’em).  They say that their kids taught them what life is all about.  He is grateful and honored to be the Lead Pastor at University Christian Church in Los Angeles CA.  He is a 2 time graduate from Hope International University (HIU) and a graduate of Southwestern Christian College (SwCC).  Rudy is also a College Professor and a co-Columnist with his “fine wife” Osharye.  

Rudy was ordained as a Pastor on September 24, 2000.  He is passionate about unity in the body of Christ, discipleship, and bridging concepts and people.  He is committed to the work of unity as Jesus prayed we would be in John 17.  He tends to speak with passion and conviction.  His one reward is that he and people move one step forward as a result of each encounter.  

Rudy has over 20 years of experience in the social work field where he developed a passion for helping people help themselves. Although his favorite sport is baseball, he received a basketball scholarship to Florida A&M University.  His favorite food changes each week and he’s read over 70 Star Wars books. I think that makes him a Jedi.  His favorite quote is “Every man who stands to proclaim the Word should speak with something of the bold authority of the Word itself.” ~ A.W. Tozer

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